About us

Sun Real Estate is one of the leading agencies in Skopje that exists several years.
We are here to offer to our clients :
Rentals and Sales of apartments
Rentals and Sales of houses and villas
Rentals and Sales of Commercial – offices
Rentals and Sales of land and warehouses for investors
Sun Real Estate offers a series of usefull free advices and tips that helps our clients in their rental and letting, rental and sales of apartments, commercials, houses and plots and lets them more easily fullfill their needs on the real estate market. Some of the most important additional services for landlords are market evaluation of their properties,marketing and advertising, as well as tips for interior design and presentation just with one main goal – a property to be more attractive for potential clients.
The main aspiration is to fulfill the desires and needs of our clients and to have successfull deal at the end and satisfied clients on both sides.
Sun Real Estate is always focused on successfull collaboration and satisfied customers,no mater who is involved,from foreign investors, branch offices to our regular clients. Our real estate team is up-to-date with all modern technologies and trends that shape the real estate market each and everyday,giving our clients services on highest level in form of communication, advertising, as well as additional information about investment in Skopje and Macedonia.
Good Value For The Money!
Sun Real Estate


The goal of Sun Real Estate is that all our landlords and clients who offer or are in need of property: apartment, house, commercial or land, to work with our Agency because they have full confidence in our information, advices as well as our professional and friendly services. We create special approach because we value your satisfaction at the end of the work done, no matter if it is rental or sales, but in the same time you to take pleasure in collaborating and working with our team.
Mission of Sun Real Estate
  • to offer the best, most confident and professional services through the whole process of sales or rentals of quality properties;
  • to add additional value to the services,in different forms of giving information, tips and advices about properties;
  • free help to all foreign clients with basic info, to feel in Skopje as at home.

Vision of Sun Real Estate

Sun Real Estate is the agency that clients choose because of our professional, confidential and friendly approach toward work, while we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (internally and externally) by anticipating, understanding and responding appropriately to their needs. Wheather it is about rental or selling of an apartment, house, commercial or land, we strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible through competence and dilligence of our Sun Real Estate team.